We are Surf Dogs bar and restaurant

Located in front of Budget rent a car and Mandarina ice cream our number is 2643-3230 with more than 5 years in town we bring you high quality in food and drinks, if you are looking for have a time in Jaco Beach you can come to our bar and restaurant.


About our Drinks

We have a large variety of local drinks and internationals drinks, in Costa Rica the local beer are imperial and Pilsen, those are really food locals beers, most of the ,local people love it, and we have most of the time, good promotions.  We also have internationals drink and great shots, ask for “Los Miguelitos” is a really food drink

About our menu

Well there are also Costa Rica food and international food; we prepare all our plates with fresh and high quality vegetables and spices, one of the most popular plate for lunch is “El Casado” it mean “The married” is the most popular Costa Rica plate, is a combination of: rice, beans, fresh chicken, meat or fish, prepared with naturals spices and fresh salads, this is one palate that you have to try, if you come to Jaco. We want that you can try real local food, so in that way you can meet the Costa Rica culture.

About our Teambottle

All our team speak English and Español and that way you can be sure that you will not have problems with the language or of you if you like to practice Spanish this is a good way!  

For us, the customer service is a really important point in our bar, we like to mark a different in your vacation, making unforgettable moments, for us that the key to be poplars.  We invit you to come to Surf Dogs bar and spend a really good time.

Contact us today: norman@surfdogsbar.com

We also have the “daiquiri” the best one in town, with the Costa Rica liquor and all our fresh fruits, there are a lot kind of drinks. We also have games in the bar, yes! We have some games options in that way you can enjoy a different experience.

-Wants to the NFL games? We also have HD TV with a lot of different Sports on and we have the Surfing point, a place where you can see the surfboards of some of the best Costa Rican surfers.

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